This topic describes the CIDR blocks supported by file gateways deployed on Alibaba Cloud and how to upgrade file gateways in the Cloud Storage Gateway console.

Upgrade notes

  • The image of version 1.0.26 is no longer compatible with the local file gateway of version 1.0.30. To upgrade the image to version 1.0.30, download the image again and install the local gateway console. For more information, see Deploy the local file gateway console.
  • When a new version of the local file gateway is available, an update notification is displayed.
  • For version 1.0.32 or later, local file gateways support multiple CIDR blocks that are included in a VPC. The following table lists the CIDR blocks supported by block gateways.
    Upgrade path Supported CIDR block before the upgrade Supported CIDR block after the upgrade
    From version 1.0.30 or 1.0.31 to 1.0.32 and later.


Click Click to Upgrade to upgrade.
Note The console is unresponsive during the update process.