This topic describes how to add disks to a virtualization platform for the local block gateway to use for caching.

Background information

To deploy a local block gateway in the cache mode, you must add a disk to the virtualization platforms such as VMware vSphere and Hyper-V. After a disk is added, you can configure available cache disks for the corresponding block gateway in the Cloud Storage Gateway (CSG) console or the local block gateway console.
Note A block gateway supports a minimum cache disk capacity of 20 GB. Therefore, the new disk capacity cannot be less than 20 GB. Otherwise, the block gateway cannot recognize the new disk.

Add disks to VMware vSphere

  1. Log on to the VMware vSphere virtualization platform.
  2. On the Configure tab, choose Settings > VM Hardware. Click Edit.
  3. On the Virtual Hardware tab, from the New device list, select New Hard Disk. Click Add.

    After the disk is added, a New hard disk folder appears.

  4. Set the size of the new hard disk.

    We recommend that you use thick provisioning to deploy the disk. Expand the New hard disk folder. Set the Type to Thick Provision Lazy Zeroed or Thick Provision Eager Zeroed to achieve better I/O performance.

Note In this example, only one hard disk is added. You can add multiple disks based on your needs.

Add disks to Hyper-V

The host must be restarted if you add disks by using an IDE controller. However, you do not need to restart the host if you add disks by using a SCSI controller. We recommend that you use a SCSI controller to add disks.

  1. Log on to the Hyper-V virtualization platform.
  2. Choose Hardware > SCSI Controller, and select Hard Drive. Click Add.
  3. On the Hard Drive tab, select Virtual Hard Disk, and click New.
  4. Follow the new virtual hard disk wizard to add the hard disk.
    Note the following settings:
    • On the Choose Disk Type tab, select Dynamically expanding.
    • On the Configure Disk tab, select Create a new blank virtual hard disk, and set the disk size.

      The size of a single cache disk must be greater than 20 GB for higher I/O throughput. For more information about the cache configuration, see Block gateways.

  5. Return to the Hard Drive tab, and click Apply.
Note In this example, only one hard disk is added. You can add multiple disks based on your needs.