Alibaba Cloud CloudQuotation is designed to make global capital markets more transparent. It provides different levels of information based on customer groups. This topic describes the benefits of CloudQuotation compared with conventional quotation services.

Data computing within nanoseconds

CloudQuotation is built on top of Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances, which are able to compute and process tens of millions of index data records each second.

Fast and reliable data transmission

CloudQuotation establishes a direct connection between clients and data sources, which reduces physical latency. CloudQuotation also utilizes a proprietary combination of protocols to ensure minimal packet loss. Both these features combined allow CloudQuotation to push tens of millions of quotation data records each second.

Ultra-low investment threshold

CloudQuotation is available at zero cost, which lowers the initial investment threshold for customers. The CloudQuotation ecosystem is designed to provide an end-to-end service, which provides high efficiency at near-zero investments.

Worldwide disaster recovery network

CloudQuotation is based on the enterprise-grade disaster recovery network of Alibaba Cloud that is distributed across the globe. This network provides customers with flexible disaster recovery solutions, such as multi-zone backup, local active-active, and geo-disaster recovery. CloudQuotation provides a high-quality, efficient, and stable network environment to ensure business continuity.

Complete quotation data

CloudQuotation integrates the capabilities of exchanges, providing customers with out-of-the-box services. CloudQuotation serves as a single point of contact to link customers to multiple data sources, and provides customers with the basic capabilities for investment and research based on historical delayed quotations.

Comprehensive services

CloudQuotation supports access to exchanges. It provides a simple and convenient method for customers to complete all the required processes to use these services. These processes include activating, applying for, reporting, and settling accounts for the services that the customers need.

Data interfaces with unified technical standards

As more institutional services are connected to exchanges, the requirements for targeted quotation services grow. However, Internet-oriented data security and services cost high. CloudQuotation provides a standard interface for customers to access the quotation services of various exchanges. CloudQuotation is flexible and scalable, and also supports phased releases. This allows customers sufficient time to update their technologies and reduces the cost of system maintenance.

Strict access control and data encryption, providing stable, secure services

CloudQuotation implements multiple security measures for data in transit, such as authentication before logon, encrypted data transmission, and secure cluster management. This effectively prevents information from being stolen and safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of customers.