CloudQuotation architecture
  • Access to exchanges: CloudQuotation uses data sources from exchanges. All quotations for US stocks at TotalView and Nasdaq Basic are sourced from the North American POP locations of Nasdaq. These POP locations reside in Secaucus, a town in the US, and provide point-to-point stock quotations to the world. Data at Nasdaq Basic, NLS Plus, Global Index Data Service (GIDS) is sourced from leading US stock exchanges, such as Nasdaq, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and American Stock Exchange (AMEX).
  • Index computing: CloudQuotation obtains quotation, market, and sector data from exchanges and processes the data into three common types of indexes: basic quotation indexes, sector quotation indexes, and market indexes of individual stocks.
  • Product service: CloudQuotation supports access to exchanges. This allows CloudQuotation to compute, store, and transmit market, quotation, and sector indexes that are crucial for traders and investors to make informed buy and sell decisions during pre-market, regular, and post-market trading sessions. CloudQuotation provides a simple and convenient method for customers to complete all the required processes to use these services. These processes include activating, applying for, reporting, and settling accounts for the services that the customers need.
  • Cluster service: Customers in CloudQuotation clusters can receive, store, and manage the indexes that are generated by CloudQuotation. Engines in CloudQuotation clusters can utilize the pull and push mechanisms to receive requests from different clients and return the requested data to the clients. The cluster service offers historical and real-time quotations, computes personalized indexes, and supports customization of configurations such as CYQ intervals and indexes.