A landing zone is a framework that Alibaba Cloud provides for enterprises to migrate business to the cloud. Landing zones help enterprises plan and implement resource structures, access security, network architectures, and security compliance systems in the cloud. This way, enterprises can build secure, efficient, and manageable cloud environments. Cloud Governance Center helps you build landing zones by using blueprint templates in a centralized and efficient manner based on a large number of best practices. Cloud Governance Center integrates the multi-account management capabilities of resource directories and allows you to create a multi-account resource structure for your enterprise with high efficiency.

Process of building a landing zone

Compared with custom deployment, deployment of landing zones in Cloud Governance Center simplifies the process and reduces the time that is required to complete the process Process:

  1. Check the qualification of an Alibaba Cloud account.

    The system automatically checks whether the current Alibaba Cloud account meets the requirements for a management account. You can specify a suitable management account based on the check result. For more information, see Check the qualification of an Alibaba Cloud account.

  2. Build a landing zone.
    1. Select a blueprint template.
    2. Configure items and parameters.
    3. Run a building task.

    For more information, see Build a landing zone.

Account structure overview

After you build a landing zone, you can view the structure of enterprise accounts, and obtain the status and track the changes of members in real time. The account structure is synchronized with the resource directory. After you adjust the folders or members in the resource directory, Cloud Governance Center displays the latest account structure in a synchronous manner. For more information, see View the account structure.