Protection scope of Cloud Firewall

Cloud Firewall can protect the following cloud assets or traffic:
  • Internet traffic: traffic of public IP addresses of Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances, elastic IP addresses (EIPs) of Server Load Balancer (SLB) instances, High-Availability Virtual IP Addresses (HAVIPs), EIPs, EIPs of ECS instances, EIPs of Elastic Network Interfaces (ENIs), some public IP addresses of Server Load Balancer (SLB) instances, and EIPs of network address translation (NAT) gateways.
  • Traffic between VPCs: traffic between VPCs that are connected by using a CEN or Express Connect
  • Traffic between VPCs and data centers: The VPCs and data centers are connected by using virtual border routers (VBRs).

What are the protection bandwidth quotas of Cloud Firewall in different editions?

Cloud Firewall can protect your Internet traffic and traffic between VPCs. You can increase the protection bandwidth quota based on your requirements. Cloud Firewall in different editions have different protection bandwidth quotas:
  • The default protection bandwidth quota for Internet traffic per month is 10 Mbit/s in Premium Edition, 50 Mbit/s in Enterprise Edition, and 200 Mbit/s in Ultimate Edition.
  • The default protection bandwidth quota for traffic between VPCs per month is 100 Mbit/s in Enterprise Edition and 1 Gbit/s in Ultimate Edition. No protection is provided in Premium Edition.

For more information, see Features and billable items of each edition.

Can I temporarily increase the bandwidth of Cloud Firewall?

Yes, you can increase the bandwidth of Cloud Firewall on a daily basis. For more information, see Upgrade the bandwidth configuration.

Does Cloud Firewall support the feature of centralized account management?

Yes, Cloud Firewall Ultimate Edition supports the feature of centralized account management. However, Cloud Firewall Premium Edition and Cloud Firewall Enterprise Edition do not support the feature. For more information about the feature of centralized account management, see Use centralized account management.

Trial use and pre-sales consultation

If you have questions about the features, prices, and specifications of Cloud Firewall, or if you want to apply for the trial use of Cloud Firewall, contact Cloud Firewall technical support by using DingTalk. You can search for group number 33081734 by using your DingTalk to join the Cloud Firewall DingTalk group and obtain support from Cloud Firewall security experts.