Web scanners are used to detect open web services and ports. You can use software such as Nmap, Masscan, and PNScan to detect open ports and open services.


  • Ports and services exposed

    If ports and services are exposed, the information that is collected from the ports and services can be used to launch attacks.

  • Attacks

    Web scanners can detect the information about services or service configurations. The information can be used to launch attacks.

Operations in the Cloud Firewall console

The rules that you can use to disable information detection are in Monitor mode. If you want to disable information detection by using software such as Nmap in the cloud, you can log on to the Cloud Firewall console, choose Intrusion Prevention > Prevention Configuration, and click Customize in the Basic Protection section. In the Customize Basic Protection Policies dialog box, change the mode of some or all related rules to Block. This prevents or minimizes the preceding impacts in an efficient manner.