This topic describes the release notes for Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) and provides links to the relevant references.

December 2021

Feature Description Release date References
Payer account selection The account that pays the connection fee and data transfer fee when you connect an Enterprise Edition transit router to a virtual private cloud (VPC) or virtual border router (VBR) can be specified. You can specify the account to which the transit router belongs or the account to which the network instance belongs. 2021-12-24 Grant permissions to another Alibaba Cloud account

November 2021

Feature Description Release date References
Flow logs Flow logs are supported. Flow logs can capture information about cross-region traffic between transit routers. You can use flow logs to analyze cross-region traffic, troubleshoot network issues, and reduce traffic costs. 2021-11-08 Configure flow logs

April 2021

Feature Description Release date References
QoS policies Quality of service (QoS) policies are supported. QoS policies allow you to mark traffic of different services and set bandwidth throttling. This ensures that your core services have sufficient bandwidth resources and improves network performance.
Note By default, the QoS policy feature and relevant documentation are not open to the public. If you want to use QoS policies, contact your sales manager.
2021-04-30 Configure QoS policies
Bandwidth multiplexing The bandwidth multiplexing feature of Cloud Connect Network (CCN) is supported. This feature allows you to share cross-region bandwidth resources between a CCN transit router and a transit router that belongs to the same region. This facilitates configurations and allows you to use bandwidth resources in a more flexible manner. 2021-04-30 Configure bandwidth multiplexing

February 2021

Feature Description Release date References
Enterprise Edition transit routers Enterprise Edition transit routers are supported. They allow you to create custom route tables, add route entries, and add routing policies. This facilitates route management and network management. 2021-02-20 How transit routers work
Transit routers Transit routers are supported. Transit routers are used to connect network instances within the same region or across different regions. This facilitates communication among different resources. 2021-02-20 How transit routers work
Upgraded console The CEN console is upgraded. The latest console version inherits all features of the earlier version and supports more features, including transit routers. This allows you to build a flexible, reliable, and large-scale network across the world. 2021-02-20 What is CEN?

May 2019

Feature Description Release date References for the previous console References for the new console
PrivateZone Alibaba Cloud DNS PrivateZone (PrivateZone) is supported. PrivateZone is a VPC-based resolution and management service for private domain names. The CCN instances and VBRs that are attached to a CEN instance can access PrivateZone. 2019-05-16 Access PrivateZone Configure PrivateZone

October 2018

Feature Description Release date References for the previous console References for the new console
Overlapping routing Overlapping routing is supported. After you enable overlapping routing, CEN can learn routes that have the same prefix and different mask lengths. This improves network flexibility. 2018-10-12 Enable overlapping routing

By default, this feature is enabled in the new console and cannot be disabled.

Deletion of health check configurations Health check configurations can be deleted. 2018-10-12 Configure health checks Health checks
Alert rules A link that redirects to the CloudMonitor console is added to the CEN console. You can click the link to navigate to the CloudMonitor console and set alert rules. This facilitates O&M efficiency. 2018-10-12
Network instance detaching Network instances can be detached. You can detach network instances from the CEN instance to which the network instances are attached. The network instances include VPCs, VBRs, and CCN instances. 2018-10-12 Detach a network instance from a CEN instance Delete a network instance connection
Connection to CCN across Alibaba Cloud accounts Connections to CCN across Alibaba Cloud accounts are supported. You can attach a CCN instance of a different Alibaba Cloud account to a CEN instance. This allows you to connect on-premises networks to each other. 2018-10-12 CCN instance authorization and Attach a network instance Grant permissions on a CCN instance and Associate a CCN instance with a transit router

July 2018

Feature Description Release date References for the previous console References for the new console
Route advertising Route advertising is supported. You can advertise the routes of VPCs to CEN in the CEN console. 2018-07-30 Publish a route to CEN Advertise routes to a transit router