Valued Alibaba Cloud users, beginning March 31, 2022, Alibaba Cloud will discontinue Basic Edition transit routers and the earlier version of the Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) console. We recommend that you upgrade the CEN console and Basic Edition transit routers to enjoy a better user experience. The latest console version and Enterprise Edition transit routers provide more features and support enterprise-class networking on a larger scale.


  • Basic Edition transit routers will be discontinued.
  • The earlier console version will be discontinued.

Effective date

March 31, 2022


The following changes will be made beginning March 31, 2022:

  • The earlier console version will be discontinued and automatically upgraded to the latest version. The upgrade does not interrupt services.
  • The latest console version does not support Basic Edition transit routers. By default, transit routers that you create after March 31, 2022 are of Enterprise Edition.
    Note Existing Basic Edition transit routers are not affected and remain available.
  • Enterprise Edition transit routers are billed for network instance connection fees and traffic distribution fees.

Enterprise Edition inherits all features from Basic Edition and supports networking on a larger scale. Each Enterprise Edition transit router supports up to 100 virtual private clouds (VPCs) in each region and up to 2,000 route entries, and reaches up to 100 Gbit/s of forwarding capacity. In addition, Enterprise Edition transit routers support custom route tables, custom route entries, quality of service (QoS) policies, and flow logs. These features help you build flexible, reliable, and enterprise-class networks on a global scale.

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To ensure a smooth user experience, we recommend that you upgrade the CEN console to the latest version and upgrade Basic Edition transit routers to Enterprise Edition at the earliest opportunity.