This topic describes the API operations that are available for use in EdgeRoutine.

API call flowchart


List of API operations by function

API Description
SetRoutineSubdomain Configures a subdomain for a routine.
CreateRoutine Creates a routine.
DescribeRoutineSpec Queries the supported specifications for routines. During the private preview, EdgeRoutine supports the following CPU time slice specifications: 5 ms, 50 ms, and 100 ms.
DescribeRoutineUserInfo Queries the subdomains and routines that belong to your Alibaba Cloud account.
DescribeRoutine Queries the metadata about a routine. The metadata includes the routine configuration, configuration version, and code version.
EditRoutineConf Modifies the configurations of a routine.
UploadStagingRoutineCode Uploads code to a routine for testing.
CommitStagingRoutineCode Generates an official code version from the unstable JavaScript code in the staging environment. The version can be used in the canary release or production environment.
PublishRoutineCodeRevision Publishes a specified version of routine code to an environment.
DescribeRoutineCanaryEnvs Queries the canary release environments that are supported by a routine.
DescribeRoutineCodeRevision Queries the JavaScript code of a specified version that belongs to the specified routine.
DeleteRoutineCodeRevision Deletes a code version from a routine.
DeleteRoutineConfEnvs Deletes canary release environments from a routine.
DeleteRoutine Deletes a routine.