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BSS OpenAPI:SubscribeBillToOSS

Last Updated:Oct 30, 2019

API Name



You can call this API to subscribe Bill data to your OSS bucket.

Request parameters

Name Type Required Description
SubscribeBucket String Yes To specify your OSS bucket for storing Bill file
BucketOwnerId String No This parameter is for reseller only, is to store end user’s bill file to reseller oss bucket
SubscribeType String Yes Subscribe types. Value:
BillingItemDetailForBillingPeriod: Detailed billing in cost item granularity
InstanceDetailForBillingPeriod: Detailed billing in instance granularity

Comment1:One subscription in one request

Comment2:Due to different scenarios, few records may delay. Suggest to retrive whole last month date each 1st.

Comment3:This request need authorization of AliyunConsumeDump2OSSRole.

File name as below:

  • BillingItemDetailForBillingPeriod

    File name format:UID + BillingItemDetail + YYYYMMDD,for example:169**_BillingItemDetail_20190310

    File name for each whole month:UID + BillingItemDetail + YYYYMM,for example:169**_BillingItemDetail_201903

  • InstanceDetailForBillingPeriod

    File name format:UID + InstanceDetail + YYYYMMDD,for example:169**_InstanceDetail_20190310

    File name for each whole month:UID + InstanceDetail + YYYYMM,for example:169**_InstanceDetail_201903

Response parameters

Name Type Required
Success String Is success or not
Code String Error code
Message String Detail information