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BSS OpenAPI:Guide For Cloud Management Partners

Last Updated:Aug 21, 2019

Welcome to Alibaba Cloud. To better support Cloud Management Partners, Alibaba Cloud offers a set of Billing APIs for CMP to manage their billing accounts, orders, resource packages and bills of Alibaba Cloud services.

Billing API Overview

Alibaba Cloud offers below types of billing APIs:

  • Product management APIs to query the cloud products offered, and related pricing model.
  • Price APIs to query the subscription price and the PayAsYouGo price of the specific product(s).
  • Account management APIs to query account balance, prepaid cards, or the redeem.
  • Order management APIs to query order information, get order detail, or cancel the order.
  • Bill management APIs to query bill information, bill overview, instance bill detail information, subscribe / unsubscribe the bill information to OSS bucket etc.
  • Instance management APIs to create / modify / renew instance, query available instance, set renewal, or convert the instance charge type.
  • Resource package management APIs to describe resource package product, get resource package price, create resource package, and query resource package instances.
  • Usage data management API to query the original usage data per Alibaba Cloud product.

Please read this document to further understand each of the API.

Integration tool - OpenAPI Explorer

Besides of reading Billing API online documents, CMP can also leverage OpenAPI Explorer to debug the invocation of Billing API.



In OpenAPI Explorer you can:

  • Select the API you want to invoke
  • Input the parameters
  • Check further information by clicking “Find API Document”
  • Review sample code
  • Submit by clicking “Submit Request”
  • Review the actual request URL and the returned result


Please click here to find more FAQs.