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Blockchain as a Service:Usage mode

Last Updated:Dec 01, 2021

Hyperledger Fabric Usage Mode


Alibaba Cloud BaaS provides two usage modes. Enterprises can select a mode based on their business specific.


The following information is for reference only. There is no strict boundary between these two usage modes, and you can choose one mode based on your needs.

Quick mode

If the business consortium is started or dominated by a key enterprise, and other businesses involved are invited to join the consortium, you can choose the quick mode.

In the quick mode, key enterprises can quickly start their services on the blockchain and add more business participants to the consortium blockchains and business channels later. In this mode, the key enterprises can be both the operator and the participant, while other enterprises act as business participants.

quick mode type

Standard mode

If the consortium infrastructure is operated by a commissioned enterprise, and if other enterprises participate in business collaborations and transactions, you can choose the standard mode.

In the standard mode, the operator creates the consortium and invites other enterprises to join the consortium blockchain and the corresponding channels. In this mode, the enterprise in charge of operation acts as the consortium operator only (not the business participant), while business enterprises act as the participants.

Standard mode

Ant Blockchain Usage Mode

The usage mode of Ant Blockchain is shown as below. The consortium owner applies for creating a consortium blockchain, and then invite consortium members to join the consortium. Consortium members accept the invitation to join, and then start to access consensus nodes and read/write data.