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Blockchain as a Service:Create a consortium

Last Updated:Apr 13, 2022

A blockchain network is a consortium consisting of multiple organizations.

You can create a consortium in one of the following ways:

  • Quick mode: You only need to specify the required information, and Alibaba Cloud BaaS will automatically perform operations to create a complete blockchain network. These operations include creating a consortium, creating organizations, and inviting groups to join a consortium or a channel. For more information, see Quick start.

  • Standard mode: Create a consortium without channels. The operations are as follows:

Create an independent consortium

  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud BaaS console.

  2. On the Overview page, click Create Consortium.

  3. Set the following parameters.




    The region where your blockchain infrastructure is located. We recommend that you select the same geographic region as the business application system.

    Blockchain Engine

    The type of blockchain created, currently only Hyperledger Fabric is open. Quorum type needs to apply for use.


    • V1.4: If you have created an instance of Fabric V1.4 before, you can continue to create an instance of Fabric V1.4 or V2.2, but the mixed networking of version 1.4 and version 2.2 is not supported.

    • V2.2: For the first purchase, you can only select instances of Fabric V2.2.

    Resource Type



    We provide you with three versions: Starter Edition, Beginner Edition, Basic Class. For the detail description and comparison of these three product series, see Purchase guide.

    Consortium Name

    We recommend that you enter a business-related name that is easy to identify.

    Consortium Domain Name

    A consortium domain name is the unique identifier of the consortium in a blockchain network. Enter the prefix of your consortium domain name.

    Storage Fee

    You do not need to specify the storage capacity when you purchase the service. You are billed by hour based on the storage space you use. For more information, see Specifications and pricing.


    Select the duration of the service which you want to purchase.

  4. Click OK. It may take 15 to 40 minutes for the system to configure the resources. After the consortium has been successfully created, the consortium status changes to Running.

  5. In My Consortia, click the name of a consortium blockchain to view the details.

The details of the consortium are shown in the following figure, including Member Organizations, Channels, Chaincodes, and Orderer Nodes tabs.

Currently BaaS will automatically create 3 orderer nodes for each consortium by default.

Consortium  details

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