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Blockchain as a Service:Create a blockchain network

Last Updated:Jun 08, 2023

Alibaba Cloud BaaS provides a quick mode to create and deploy secure Enterprise Ethereum - Quorum networks. You only need to specify required information, and Alibaba Cloud BaaS will automatically perform operations to create a complete Quorum network.


Note: After you are getting more familiar with Quorum technology, you can customize and extend your blockchain network by inviting new members. These new members can deploy their Quorum nodes on cloud platforms (like AWS, Azure, etc.) or in on-premise environment. Alibaba Cloud BaaS can help you build up a cross-cloud, cross-region consortium blockchain network easily.

Create Enterprise Ethereum - Quorum

  1. Log on to Alibaba Cloud.

  2. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud BaaS console. Click the top left navigation panel and choose the entry Enterprise Ethereum.

    enterprise ethereum

  3. Click Create Ethereum.

    create ethereum

  4. Specify the following information.




    We recommend that you enter a business-related name that is easy to identify.

    Network ID

    The network id of Ethereum network, which can’t be modified after creation.


    Istanbul BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance) Consensus: A PBFT-inspired consensus algorithm with transaction finality, by AMIS.


    Gas limit can be applied to both individual transactions and blocks, block-gas-limit. For individual transactions, the gas limit represents the maximum amount of gas you indicate you are willing to pay for a contract execution transaction. The block gas limit represents the maximum cumulative gas used for all the transactions in a block. With the launch of Homestead, the block gas limit floor will increase from 3,141,592 gas to 4,712,388 gas (~50% increase).


    The region where your organization is located. We recommend that you select the region where your business application system is located.


    Enter the organization description.

  5. Click the “Add Node” button to add Ethereum network node as you need.

    Add node

  6. Click Create.

  7. On the Overview page, you can see the network and node that you created. The network and node are in the Creating status.

    It may take 15~40 minutes for the system to configure and create the resources.


  8. After you have created one network, you can click the name of the network in My Ethereums to view the status of the networks.

    My Ethereums

  9. In My Nodes, click the name of a node to view the details.


  10. Node details are included in tabs such as Configuration, Node Information, Security , and Logs. Node Details


Invite a user of Alibaba Cloud BaaS to join