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Blockchain as a Service:Architecture

Last Updated:Jun 02, 2023

Alibaba Cloud BaaS is built on top of Kubernetes, supports mainstream blockchain technologies, and integrates with the comprehensive services of Alibaba Cloud. BaaS allows users to establish cross-enterprise, cross-region business cooperation and transaction network, and to implement blockchain business scenarios at speed.

Product architecture

  • Infrastructure layer: Currently BaaS supports public cloud and private cloud offerings of Alibaba Cloud. And BaaS will support hybrid cloud deployment in near future.

  • Cloud resource layer: Provides basic cloud resources for blockchain services and upper-layer applications, including ECS, VPC, NAS, and SLB.

  • Platform services layer: Built on Alibaba Cloud Container Service Kubernetes clusters, the blockchain platform supports multiple basic BaaS services. These services include resource creation, resource management, resource operation, and security management. The blockchain engines currently support Ant Financial’s Ant Blockchain, Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric 2.2 LTS, and ConsenSys’s Enterprise Ethereum - Quorum.

  • Mid-layer application: This is a reference architecture that is used to connect BaaS with business applications. It is usually implemented in form of blockchain business solution or blockchain middleware.

  • The overall architecture also includes multiple services that may be applicable to BaaS, such as security management and operation management.