BaaS provides the following API operations.

Hyperledger Fabric

Operation Description
DescribeRootDomain Queries the available root domains in BaaS.
DescribeFabricConsortiumConfig Obtains the value options of the parameters for the CreateConsortium operation.
DescribeFabricConsortiumSpecs Queries consortium specifications that BaaS provides.
DescribeFabricConsortiumOrderers Queries the orderers of a consortium.
AcceptFabricInvitation Accepts the invitation to join a consortium.
JoinFabricChannel Confirms to join a channel.
DescribeFabricInviter Obtains the information of the inviter.
DescribeFabricChannelMembers Queries the members in the channel.
CreateFabricChaincode Creates a chaincode
DescribeFabricOrganizations Obtains a list of organizations.
DescribeFabricCandidateOrganizations Queries the organizations that receive the invitation.
DescribeFabricChaincodeUploadPolicy Obtains the policy that is used to upload the chaincode.
ConfirmFabricConsortiumMember Confirms the joining application submitted by the consortium members.
DescribeFabricOrganizationChaincodes Obtains the chaincodes of the organization.
DescribeFabricConsortiumMembers Queries the organizations of the consortium.
DescribeFabricConsortiumAdminStatus Queries the management status information of the consortium.
InstallFabricChaincode Installs a chaincode.
CheckFabricConsortiumDomain Checks whether the domain name of the consortium is available.
DescribeFabricOrganizationPeers Obtains the peer nodes of the organization.
DescribeFabricConsortiumMemberApproval Queries the detailed approvals information of the consortium members.
SynchronizeFabricChaincode Synchronizes the upgrade and the instantiation status of a chaincode.
DescribeFabricOrganizationDeletable Queries whether an organization can be deleted.
DescribeFabricOrganizationChannels Obtains the list of channels that the organization has joined.
DescribeFabricConsortiums Obtains the consortium list.
DescribeFabricConsortiumDeletable Queries whether a consortium can be deleted.
CreateFabricChannelMember Adds other organizations to the channel.
CreateFabricConsortiumMember Creates a proposal for organizations to join the consortium.
DescribeFabricConsortiumChaincodes Queries the chaincodes of a consortium.
DeleteFabricChaincode Deletes chaincodes in error status.
DownloadFabricOrganizationSDK Downloads the SDK.
ResetFabricOrganizationUserPassword Resets the user password.
DescribeFabricOrganizationMembers Obtains the consortium that the organization has joined and the consortium members.
CheckFabricOrganizationDomain Checks whether the domain name is valid.
CreateFabricChannel Creates a channel.
CreateFabricConsortium Creates a consortium.
DescribeFabricOrganization Queries the details of an organization.
UpgradeFabricChaincode Upgrades a chaincode.
InstantiateFabricChaincode Instantiates a chaincode.
DescribeFabricConsortiumChannels Queries the channels of a consortium.
DescribeFabricOrganizationUsers Obtains the users of an organization.
CreateFabricOrganization Creates an organization.
CreateFabricOrganizationUser Creates a user in an organization.
DescribeFabricInvitationCode Generates the invitation information of the consortium.
DescribeFabricOrganizationSpecs Queries organization specifications that BaaS provides.
DescribeFabricOrdererLogs Queries the logs of an orderer node.
DescribeFabricExplorer Views the ledger information.
DescribeFabricPeerLogs Obtains the logs of a peer node.