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Batch Compute:updateApp

Last Updated:May 11, 2018

Method description

Modifies an App.

Call method

  1. UpdateAppResponse updateApp(AppDescription appDescription) throws ClientException;
  2. UpdateAppResponse updateApp(UpdateAppRequest req) throws ClientException;

Parameter description

Parameter Type Required Description
appName String Yes Name of the App
appDescription AppDescription Yes Description of the modified App

For more information about AppDescription, see Create an App.

We recommend using IDEA for development. Other types involved are excluded here. For more information, see Create an App in the API Reference.

Response description

  • After successful modification, an UpdateAppResponse instance is returned.

  • If a failure occurs, a ClientException is thrown.

Sample code

  1. try{
  2. UpdateAppResponse response = client.updateApp(appDescription);
  3. //Modification succeeded
  4. }catch(ClientException e){
  5. e.printStackTrace();
  6. //Modification failed
  7. }