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Last Updated: May 10, 2018

When submitting a job or creating a cluster, you must specify a Batch Compute image ID. Batch Compute runs the specified image in virtual machines (VMs). Unlike ECS official images, Batch Compute images can be obtained from the following two sources:

  • Use the official Batch Compute images directly.

  • Purchase the image specific to the Batch Compute service at the cloud marketplace and create custom images.

1. Official Batch Compute images

Batch Compute provides three default system images for you to use directly (applicable to classic and VPC networks):

Operating system Image ID Configuration
Windows img-windows-vpc Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise 64-bit Chinese
Ubuntu img-ubuntu-vpc Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit, python 2.7, jdk 1.7, Docker 17.0.1
Centos img-centos-vpc Centos 6.8 64-bit, python 2.6.6

If the default images cannot meet your requirements, create images according to custom image.

2. How to use images

2.1. Obtain available images

2.2. Specify an image ID when creating a cluster

2.3. Specify an image when creating (submitting) a job