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Batch Compute:Preparation

Last Updated:Aug 06, 2019

1. Create an Alibaba Cloud account

If you do not have an Alibaba Cloud account, log on to Alibaba Cloud official website and click Register in the upper left corner to create an Alibaba Cloud account.

2. Sign up Batch Compute service

Use the registered Alibaba Cloud account to log on to the system. Choose Products > Elastic Computing > Batch Compute, enter the product homepage, and activate the Batch Compute service.

3. Create AccessKeyID and AccessKeySecret.

Go forward to the AccessKey management page to obtain the AccessKeySecret. For more information, see Create an AccessKey.

4. Understand basic concepts

To better continue with the subsequent operations, you can first understand some concepts about Batch Compute.

5. Learn OSS

Batch Compute uses OSS for storage by default. Therefore, it has benefits if you have learned about the OSS.

6. Select a tool

Batch Compute provides HTTP-based APIs. Some tools are developed based on these APIs. You can use these tools to submit and manage jobs.