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Last Updated: May 14, 2018


Obtains the cluster instance list.

Request syntax

  1. GET /clusters/{ClusterId}/groups/{GroupName}/instances?Marker={Marker}&MaxItemCount={MaxItemCount}

Attribute description

Attribute Type Required Description
ClusterId String Yes Cluster ID
GroupName String Yes Name of a group in the cluster
Marker String No Start resource ID of the current page.Default value: Null string
MaxItemCount int No Maximum number of actually returned resources.The default value is 50, and the maximum value is 100.



The 200 status code and the following ClusterInstance list are returned:

  1. {
  2. "NextMarker": "",
  3. "Items":[{
  4. "Id": "i-123456789",
  5. "Hint": "",
  6. "State": "Pending",
  7. "IpAddress": "",
  8. "CreationTime": "2016-01-18T09:15:41.005259Z"
  9. }]
  10. }

Attribute description

Attribute Type Description
NextMarker string Start resource ID on the next page.The value is blank in the last page.
Items array List of resources.

Error codes

Error code Error message Status code Syntax
InvalidMaxItemCount Specified parameter MaxItemCount is not valid. Its type must be integer. 400 MaxItemCount must be an integer.
InvalidMaxItemCount Specified parameter MaxItemCount is not valid. It must be in [0, 100]. 400 The MaxItemCount value must be in the range of [0, 100].
InvalidResource.NotFound Specified resource is not found. 404 The user requested resource does not exist.