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Batch Compute:Introduction

Last Updated:May 11, 2018

We have provided the Java SDK to help the Java development staff use Batch Compute more efficiently. You may select a suitable version based on your needs.

Note: You need a pair of AccessKeyId/AccessKeySecret in Active state. To use Batch Compute SDK, you must know Batch Compute endpoints in each Alibaba Cloud region.

Supported regions

For more information about regions supporting Batch Compute, see Supported regions.


With this SDK, you can develop Java programs to submit jobs, stop jobs, view the job status, and manage clusters.

Category Method Description
Related to user quotas getQuotas() Obtains the user quota.
Related to images createImage(ImageDescription image) Creates an image.
Related to images getImage(String imageId) Obtains information about an image.
listImages(String marker, int maxItemCount) Lists images.
deleteImage(String imageId) Deletes an image.
Related to clusters createCluster(ClusterDescription cluster) Creates a cluster.
getCluster(String clusterId) Obtains information about a cluster.
listClusters(String marker, int maxItemCount) Lists clusters.
changeClusterDesiredVMCount(String clusterId, String groupName, int count) Changes the expected number of VMs.
deleteCluster(String clusterId) Deletes a cluster.
Related to cluster instances listClusterInstances(String clusterId, String groupName) Obtains the cluster instance list.
getClusterInstance(String clusterId, String groupName, String instanceId) Obtains information about a cluster instance.
deleteClusterInstance(String clusterId,String groupName, String instanceId) Deletes a cluster instance.
recreateClusterInstance(String clusterId, String groupName, String instanceId) Recreates a cluster instance.
Related to jobs createJob(JobDescription job) Creates (submits) a job.
getJobDescription(String jobId) Obtains the job description.
changeJobPriority(String jobId, int priority) Changes the priority of a job.
stopJob(String jobId) Stops a job.
startJob(String jobId) Restarts a job.
deleteJob(String jobId) Deletes a job.
getJob(String jobId) Obtains information about a job.
listJobs(String marker, int maxItemCount) Lists jobs.
listTasks(String jobId, String marker, int maxItemCount) Lists tasks of a job.
listInstances(String jobId, String v20151111taskName, String marker, int maxItemCount) Lists instances of a task.
getTask(String jobId, String taskName) Obtains information about a task.
getInstance(String jobId, String taskName, int instanceId) Obtains information about an instance.

Release note

Batch Compute Java SDK allows Java developers to conveniently use the Java program to operate Alibaba Cloud Batch Compute.Currently, SDK supports J2SE 6.0 or a later version. For the complete version list of this SDK, see Download and install.