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Batch Compute:GroupDesc

Last Updated:May 14, 2018


Instance group description.


Attribute Type Description
DesiredVMCount int Expected number of instances.
InstanceType String Type of the constructed instance. This setting can overwrite the setting of the cluster.
ResourceType String Resource type.”OnDemand” and “Spot” are supported.
SpotStrategy String Bidding strategy for an instance. It takes effect only when ResourceType is Spot.
SpotWithPriceLimit: Set the maximum price for the spot instance.
SpotAsPriceGo: The system provides a price automatically. The maximum value is the Pay-As-You-Go price.
SpotPriceLimit Float Maximum price of an instance per hour (the price of each type of instance, not the price for each hour).The value can contain at most three decimals. It takes effect when SpotStrategy is SpotWithPriceLimit.