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Last Updated: May 14, 2018


Obtains user quotas. Currently, only information about available instance types and available disk types can be obtained.

Parameter description


Response description

The get_quotas method returns a GetResponse object, which encapsulates all interfaces and attributes of the Quotas class.

Attributes of Quotas

Attribute Type Description
AvailableClusterResourceType list Available resource type
AvailableClusterInstanceType list Available instance type
AvailableSpotInstanceType list Available spot instance type
AvailableClusterInstanceSystemDiskType list Available system disk type
AvailableClusterInstanceDataDiskType array Available data disk type


  1. try:
  2. # Get a Client object.
  3. client = Client(...
  4. ...
  5. # Get quotas
  6. quotas = client.get_quotas()
  7. print (quotas.AvailableClusterInstanceType)
  8. except ClientError, e:
  9. print(e)