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Use cluster

Last Updated: May 11, 2018

If you use the default AutoCluster mode to submit a job, the job wait time may be long.

Using the cluster mode can significantly shorten the wait time.

For more information, see Use AutoCluster or cluster.

View my clusters

Use the following command to view the clusters:

  1. bcs cluster # View my cluster list. The command can be abbreviated to "bcs c"

Create a cluster

1. Create a cluster using default configuration

  1. bcs cc my-cluster

Default configuration: The cluster uses the default image and default instance type, and contains one VM.

2. Create multiple VMs

  1. bcs cc my-cluster -n 3 -i img-ubuntu -t ecs.sn1.medium
  • “-n 3” indicates three VMs.
  • “-i img-ubuntu” indicates that the image img-ubuntu is used. For more images, click here.
  • “-t ecs.sn1.medium” indicates that the instance type ecs.sn1.medium is used. You can run the “bcs it” command to view more instance types.

Delete a cluster

  1. bcs dc cls-xxxxxxx

Add -h at the end of each command to view the help information.