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Last Updated: May 14, 2018

Parameter description

All classes of parameters are converted to dictionary objects containing the attribute information.

Parameter Type Description
cluster str, CreateResponse Cluster ID

Response description

The change_cluster_desired_vm_count method returns an ActionResponse object. ActionResponse provides only two attributes: request ID and status code.


  1. try:
  2. # Init a Client object.
  3. client = ...
  4. # Refer to ClusterDescription.
  5. cluster_desc = ClusterDescription(...)
  6. cluster = client.create_cluster(cluster_desc)
  7. # Print out the cluster id.
  8. print (cluster.Id)
  9. client.change_cluster_desired_vm_count(cluster.Id, group1=3, group2=4)
  10. except ClientError, e:
  11. print (e)