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Last Updated: May 10, 2018

The overall Batch Compute architecture includes:

Batch Compute portal

  • Batch Compute provides RESTful APIs, and you can perform Batch Compute operations using SDKs, command line tools, and the console.

  • You can use these tools to submit jobs to Batch Compute, query job operation statuses, and manage job lifecycles, such as stopping submitted jobs and releasing completed jobs.

Overall layout

Runtime environment

Batch Compute allows you to customize the runtime environment comprehensively by using custom virtual machine images or Docker methods. Batch Compute supports both Windows and Linux operating systems. Your programs run in an isolated virtual environment, guaranteeing the security of your environment and data.

Persistent storage

  • Batch Compute can use OSS or NAS to provide persistent storage for input and output data.

  • Your programs, custom Docker images, and job operation logs are stored in OSS.