Bastionhost provides the notification feature, which sends you notifications by using internal messages. You can enable the notification feature for the following items: Command Alert Notification, Storage Capacity Notification, Notifications of Automatic Tasks, O&M Report Notification, and Shared Key Expiration Notification. This topic describes how to use the notification feature.


  1. Log on to the Bastionhost console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click System Settings.
  3. On the System Settings page, click the Notification tab.
  4. On the Notification tab, configure the notification feature.
    Note By default, the notification feature is disabled for all the items. To allow Bastionhost to send you internal messages for an item, select or configure the item.
    Parameter Description
    Command Alert Notification If an O&M operation triggers a command control policy, Bastionhost notifies you by internal message. Each policy specifies an action on commands, such as approving or blocking commands.
    Storage Capacity Notification If storage space will be used up soon, for example, 85% of the storage space is used, Bastionhost notifies you by internal message.
    Note If the remaining storage space remains unchanged or keeps decreasing, Bastionhost no longer notifies you.
    Notifications of Automatic Tasks If an automatic password change task is complete, Bastionhost notifies you by internal message.
    Note After you create a password change task, Bastionhost automatically runs the task based on the specified time or cycle. The automatic password change feature helps meet the requirements of classified protection and prevents errors caused by regular and manual password rotation. For more information about how to create an automatic password change task, see Use the automatic password change feature.
    O&M Report Notification On each Monday, Bastionhost sends you the O&M reports of the last week by internal message.
    Shared Key Expiration Notification If a period is set for this parameter, Bastionhost notifies you of changing the shared key by internal message when the shared key is about to expire. Only a Bastionhost administrator can set the period.
    Note After you create a shared key and associate the key with multiple host accounts, the shared key is preferentially used to log on to the hosts for O&M. This makes the host account management more efficient. For more information about how to create a shared key, see Use the key management feature.
  5. Click Save.
    Bastionhost sends you notifications by using internal messages based on your configurations. You can click the Internal Message icon icon in the upper-right corner of the Bastionhost console to go to the Message Center. In the Message Center, you can view your notifications. Internal message