Bastionhost is used in various industries, such as the finance, education, public service sector, healthcare, media, and Internet industries. This topic describes the use of Bastionhost in different scenarios.



Financial institutions such as banks, securities firms, and insurance firms are crucial to social and economic development. Therefore, financial institutions must meet the strict regulatory requirements of security. The security of server assets within the enterprises is no exception. Financial institutions must strengthen the security monitoring of O&M operations on servers. The institutions must prevent data leaks that are caused by unauthorized access during O&M. The institutions must also prevent the breakdown of business systems caused by high-risk commands.


Bastionhost provides the following features to help financial institutions better monitor the O&M operations on servers:

  • Prevention of unauthorized access

    Bastionhost allows you to assign fine-grained permissions. This prevents data leaks caused by unauthorized access.

  • Blocking of high-risk commands

    Bastionhost blocks the running of high-risk commands in real time. This ensures the security of business systems during the O&M.

  • Efficient recording playback

    Bastionhost records O&M sessions and allows you to play back the recordings. This way, you can trace security events in an efficient manner.



The rapid development of the Internet industry has resulted in an increase in the number of employees and servers in Internet enterprises. Internet enterprises face issues such as disorganized access to server resources, difficult account management, and complex permission assignment.


Bastionhost provides the following features to help Internet enterprises better manage servers, user accounts, and permissions:

  • Unified portal for O&M

    Bastionhost provides a unified portal for you to manage different accounts. This allows you to access a large number of server resources in the backend.

  • Account and password hosting

    Bastionhost retains the usernames and passwords of hosts in a centralized manner. This allows you to log on to a host without the need to enter a password. This prevents security risks, such as difficulties in remembering different resource access accounts and passwords and password leaks.

  • Fine-grained permission assignment

    Bastionhost supports fine-grained flexible permission assignment to allow different users of Internet enterprises to perform operations based on the permissions that are assigned to these users. This helps implement access control based on the principle of least privilege. This also helps streamline permission management.