This topic describes how to import scaling configurations of a scaling group to another scaling group. This improves the efficiency in creating scaling configurations.


  • Scaling configurations are exported as a .csv file. For more information, see Export scaling configurations.
  • The two scaling groups have the same network type.
  • The two scaling groups are in the same VPC if their network type is VPC.


  1. Log on to the Auto Scaling console.
  2. In the top navigation bar, select a region.
  3. Find the scaling group and use one of the following methods to open the details page of the scaling group:
    • Click the ID of the scaling group in the Scaling Group Name/ID column.
    • Click Details in the Actions column.
  4. In the upper part of the page, click the Configuration Source tab.
  5. In the upper-left corner of the Instance Configuration Source page, click the Scaling Configurations tab.
  6. Click Import Scaling Configurations.
  7. In the Import Scaling Configurations dialog box, import the scaling configurations.
    1. Click Select File. Navigate to and select the .csv file to be imported.
    2. Select the scaling configurations that you want to import.
      Note If you cannot select the scaling configurations in the Preview section, the possible cause is that the source and destination scaling groups have different network types or are not in the same VPC. Check the network configurations of the source and destination scaling groups.
    3. Optional:Select Add a suffix for imported scaling configurations to make sure that the scaling configuration names are unique in the scaling group.
    4. Click Import.
  8. Click Close.