Problem description

You can integrate players to meet requirements of video-on-demand (VOD) playback and live streaming of online videos and video streams. If you integrate ApsaraVideo Player first and then the live streaming player, a conflict may occur.


ApsaraVideo Player V3.0.0 and later support both VOD playback and live streaming. If your business involves live streaming, you can use ApsaraVideo Player to play live streams in the setLocalSource mode, which is similar to playing VOD files. Note that when you use ApsaraVideo Player to play live streams, you cannot call operations to suspend or resume the live streams.


  • Live streaming player: plays live streams from streaming URLs and supports RTMP and HTTP protocols, meeting the basic requirements of live streaming.
  • ApsaraVideo Player: supports playing VOD files and live streams.

The live streaming player and ApsaraVideo Player use the same underlying logic but different API operations. If your business involves both VOD playback and live streaming, use ApsaraVideo Player.