This topic describes the regions in which ApsaraVideo Live is available and the features that are supported in these regions.


ApsaraVideo Live is available in the following regions: China (Shanghai), China (Beijing), China (Shenzhen), China (Qingdao), Singapore, Germany (Frankfurt), Japan (Tokyo), India (Mumbai), and Indonesia (Jakarta).

Supported features

The following table describes the features that are supported in each region. You can choose the live center of a region based on your business requirements. For more information, see How do I select a live center?.

Important If you use an Object Storage Service (OSS) bucket to store your media files, make sure that your live center resides in the same region as the OSS bucket. For information about how to query the region of an OSS bucket, see Query the regions of buckets.
FeatureChina (Shanghai)China (Beijing)China (Shenzhen)China (Qingdao)SingaporeGermany (Frankfurt)Japan (Tokyo)India (Mumbai)Indonesia (Jakarta)
Live to VODSupportedSupportedSupportedNot supportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupported
Stream pullingSupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupported
Time shiftingSupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedNot supportedSupportedSupported
production studioSupportedSupportedNot supportedNot supportedSupportedNot supportedNot supportedNot supportedNot supported
Digital rights management (DRM) encryptionSupportedNot supportedNot supportedNot supportedSupportedNot supportedNot supportedNot supportedSupported
Alibaba Cloud proprietary cryptographySupportedNot supportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupported