ApsaraVideo Live provides resource plans such as live data transfer plans and live transcoding plans. This topic describes the pricing, usage notes, and refund rules of these resource plans.

Note The pricing provided in this topic was announced in January 2021. To view the final prices, visit the pricing page of ApsaraVideo Live.

You can purchase multiple resource plans, but cannot upgrade or renew the purchased plans. Resource usage is preferentially deducted from the resource plans that are within the validity period. If you have purchased multiple resource plans, the resource plan that is the closest to expiration is preferentially deducted. After all the resource plans are exhausted, the billing method is automatically changed to pay-as-you-go.

Live data transfer plans

  • Pricing
    Specification (Billing unit: USD/resource plan) Mainland China (CN) North America (NA) Europe (EU) Asia Pacific 1 (AP1) Asia Pacific 2 (AP2) Asia Pacific 3 (AP3) Middle East & Africa (MEAA) South America (SA)
    100 GB 4 7 7 8 10 9 20 20
    500 GB 19 33 33 38 49 44 94 94
    1 TB 37 65 65 75 98 88 185 185
    5 TB 180 315 315 365 485 430 900 900
    10 TB 350 620 620 720 960 850 1780 1780
    50 TB 1740 3040 3040 3520 4700 4700 8700 8700
  • Usage notes
    • Fees of outbound traffic are deducted from live data transfer plans on a daily basis.
    • The validity periods of all types of live data transfer plans are one year and do not overlap.
    • Select a region for which you want to configure the premium stream acceleration feature. Eight areas are supported.
    • The resource plan is used to deduct fees of live streaming that uses streaming protocols such as RTMP, FLV, and HLS. You cannot use the resource plan to deduct fees of RTS.
    • Conversion formula: 1 GB = 1,024 MB.
    • The quota of outbound traffic in a live data transfer plan is valid only within the validity period. After the validity period ends, the remaining quota of outbound traffic expires and Alibaba Cloud does not provide substitutes.

Live transcoding plans

  • The specifications of live transcoding plans described in the following table apply to the videos that use the H.264 video compression standard and Low Definition transcoding template. Fees of videos that use the Low Definition, Standard Definition, and High Definition transcoding templates are deducted based on a ratio of 1:2:4.
  • Live transcoding plans are available in the China (Shanghai), China (Qingdao), China (Beijing), and China (Shenzhen) regions in mainland China. Each resource plan applies to only one region.
Specification (Billing unit: USD/resource plan) Mainland China Singapore Japan Germany India Indonesia
3,000 minutes 21 26 26 16 26 26
6,000 minutes 42 50 50 30 50 50
60,000 minutes 260 475 475 288 475 475
600,000 minutes 2210 4150 4150 2688 4150 4150

Refund rules

  • A resource plan that has not been used within seven days after purchase can apply for a refund. To apply for a refund, submit a ticket.

  • When a resource plan is in use or expires, the remaining resource quota cannot be unsubscribed or refunded.