The real-time monitoring feature allows you to monitor metrics such as stream ingest, traffic, and bandwidth. This topic describes how to view the metrics.

Background information

  • The time interval for real-time monitoring is 1 minute, which is different from that for resource monitoring and usage statistics. Therefore, the real-time data may be different from the data of resource monitoring and usage statistics within the same time period. You are charged for ApsaraVideo Live based on usage statistics.
  • You can query real-time monitoring data within the last seven days. The maximum time range for the query is 24 hours.
  1. Log on to the ApsaraVideo Live console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Monitoring > Real-time Monitoring.
  3. View the details of real-time monitoring.

    You can select the domain name and time period to view the following metrics. The optional time periods include last 10 minutes, last 30 minutes, last 1 hour, and a custom time period.

    Tab Metric
    Ingest Monitoring Audio and video frames from the caster to CDN nodes, audio and video timestamps, sequence headers, audio and video bitrate (Kbit/s), the maximum interval between audio and video frames (ms), and error codes of interrupted stream ingest
    Bandwidth and Traffic Bandwidth (bit/s) and traffic (KB)
    HTTP Status Codes 5xx codes, 4xx codes, 3xx codes, and 2xx codes