This topic describes the AliLiveSDK and its features, benefits, and scenarios.


The AliLiveSDK is a stream pushing development tool for ApsaraVideo Live clients. It is based on the powerful Content Delivery Network (CDN) and audio-video real-time communication technologies of Alibaba Cloud. It provides easy-to-use APIs, smooth and network-adaptive experience, multi-node-based low-latency optimization, and other audio-video live streaming technology services. The AliLiveSDK reduces architectural design complexity and maintenance costs, which allows you to focus on improving your business logic implementation and user experience. You can integrate the AliLiveSDK to implement features such as live stream pushing, live stream watching across live streaming channels.

Note The AliLiveSDK is now in public preview and available free of charge.


The following table describes the basic features of the AliLiveSDK.

Feature Description
Stream pushing from cameras Supports Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP)-based stream pushing. The resolution of supported streams ranges from 180p to 1080p. We recommend that you use 540p.
Screen orientation Supports stream pushing in portrait, landscape left, and landscape right modes.
Live stream watching Integrates the latest version of ApsaraVideo Player to enable you to pull and watch RTMP, Flash Video (FLV), HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), and ultra-low-latency Real-Time Streaming (RTS) live streams.
Background image stream pushing Allows you to ingest an image after you move the application to the background during RTMP stream pushing.
Audio and video encoding Supports software encoding and hardware encoding of H.264 video files and software encoding of Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) and Opus audio files.
Dynamic bitrate Supports multiple bitrates and automatically adjusts the stream pushing bitrate based on network conditions.
Stereo stream pushing Supports stereo stream pushing in mono or binaural mode.
Automatic reconnection during stream pushing Allows you to customize the maximum number of automatic reconnection attempts during stream pushing and the interval between two consecutive attempts.
High-definition preview Allows you to preview video streams at a resolution of 720p even if the resolution of the collected video streams is lower than 720p.
Background music Allows you to start, pause, resume, and loop background music.
Audio mixing Allows you to mix music with vocals and adjust the volume of music and vocals.
In-ear monitoring Supports the in-ear monitoring feature. For example, when streamers are singing with a headset, they can hear their voice from the headset in real time.
Voice changer Supports voice changing, such as changing the voice to that of a boy, a girl, or a robot.
Reverb effects Supports sound effects in various reverberant spaces, such as bathhouses and rooms of different sizes.
Beautification Supports skin smoothing and skin whitening.
Stream collection parameter settings Supports multiple stream collection parameters, such as the resolution, frame rate, audio sampling rate, group of pictures (GOP), and bitrate, to meet stream collection requirements in different scenarios.
Stream mirroring Allows you to mirror the video images that are collected from cameras. By default, the mirroring feature must be enabled for front cameras.
Autofocus Allows you to enable or disable the autofocus feature.
Camera switching Allows you to switch between the front camera and rear camera.
Muted stream pushing Allows you to mute the microphone and push only video images during stream pushing.
Volume adjustment Allows you to adjust the volume during stream pushing.
Stream pushing start or stop at any time Allows you to start or stop stream pushing at any time.
Cloud-based recording Allows you to record live streams in the cloud.
Cloud-based snapshot Allows you to capture snapshots from live streams in the cloud.


The AliLiveSDK has the following benefits:

  • Ease of integration

    The AliLiveSDK provides unified APIs and error codes for Android and iOS applications, which support integration requirements in different development architectures. In addition, the AliLiveSDK provides comprehensive API reference and demos for your information.

  • All-in-one solution

    The AliLiveSDK delivers an all-in-one live streaming solution that integrates video stream collection, preprocessing, rendering, stream pushing, transcoding, distribution, and playback. The AliLiveSDK streamlines adaptive-bitrate stream pushing on clients, Narrowband HD™ transcoding in the cloud, and instant loading on clients to provide one-stop quality services.

  • Cloud-client linkage

    The AliLiveSDK and ApsaraVideo Player SDK are linked with ApsaraVideo for Media Processing and Alibaba Cloud CDN to support adaptive bitrate streaming, live stream encryption, ultra-low-latency RTS, and time shifting.


The following table describes the scenarios of the AliLiveSDK.

Scenario Description Instructions
E-commerce live streaming E-commerce live streaming is an exciting field in the Internet era with the enthusiastic participation of many entrepreneurs and merchants. By using the high interactivity and low marketing cost of live streaming, merchants can attract many high-quality customers based on audience profiling. Live streaming is now an indispensable marketing method in the e-commerce field. The AliLiveSDK works with ApsaraVideo for Media Processing and Alibaba Cloud CDN nodes all over the world to ensure the high concurrency, low latency, security, and stability of live streaming. Activate RTS and enable the recording feature. Integrate the AliLiveSDK to implement video stream pushing. Integrate a third-party message service with e-commerce shopping scenarios to allow buyers to send text messages to interact with the streamer when they watch the live streaming. RTS enables end-to-end latency as low as 1.5 seconds. This ensures the synchronous transmission of real-time streams and interactive messages and prevents asynchronous communication when the audience and streamers interact with each other. Effective, low-latency interaction promotes an increase in gross merchandise volume (GMV). RTS has been applied to live streaming in Taobao.

Support for developers

If you have any questions or suggestions about using the AliLiveSDK, join the developer ecosystem group of the AliLiveSDK by using group number 32825314 on DingTalk or scan the following QR code.