This topic describes how to obtain a license of Queen SDK. You are charged for Queen SDK based on the license that you use. Licenses for different editions have different prices and provide different features.

All-in-one licenses

  • Queen SDK V2.0.0 and later support all-in-one licenses. You can use an all-in-one license to authorize all applications within the same Alibaba Cloud account to access video cloud SDKs. After you send an email to to request a free trial license or request a license, Alibaba Cloud replies to your email with a LicenseKey and LicenseFile. For more information, see Request a free trial license or Request a license. You must integrate the LicenseKey and LicenseFile into your project. For more information, see Queen SDK Integration.
  • After you use an all-in-one license, if you integrate multiple video cloud SDKs, such as the short video SDK of ApsaraVideo VOD and Queen SDK of ApsaraVideo Live, into the same application, the application uses the same LicenseKey and LicenseFile for both SDKs. If your application has multiple shadow applications, or the Debug package and Release package have different package names, signatures, or bundle IDs, multiple license files exist because each license file is bound to a different package name, signature, and bundle ID.
  • If you upgrade Queen SDK from V1.X.X to V2.0.0 or later, you must send an email to again to request a LicenseKey and LicenseFile, and specify Request License File in the subject of the email. After your email is received, Alibaba Cloud sends you the LicenseKey and LicenseFile within 48 hours on business days.
  • If the features that you purchase are updated or need to be renewed, the license file must also be updated. In this case, you must send an email to to obtain the latest license file and then import the obtained license file into the project. For more information, see Request a license.

Request a free trial license

The following procedure describes how to request a free trial license:
  1. You send the following information to
    • The name of the company.
    • The name of the application.
    • The edition of Queen SDK that you request. You can request a trial of Pro Edition, Ultimate Edition, or Full Edition. You can also request a trial of the auto chroma key, gesture recognition, or AR writing feature.
    • The operating system that you use. iOS and Android are supported.
    • The name of the contact.
    • The phone number of the contact.
    • The bundle ID of the application.
    • The package name and signature. A signature is an MD5 hash value in lowercase without colons (:). For information about how to obtain a signature, see the file in the sample project.
    • The ID of your Alibaba Cloud account.
    • The ID of the order. No matter which edition you want to try, select Queen SDK Basic Edition on the order placement page to place an order for free. After the order is placed, an order ID is generated.
  2. We recommend that you describe your business scenario, the product that you need, and whether you need a dedicated contact. This way, Alibaba Cloud can provide you with products and services that fit your needs.
  3. After your email is received, Alibaba Cloud handles your request within two business days.
  • By default, the trial of Queen SDK Pro Edition lasts two months. After the trial expires, all advanced retouching and shaping effects become invalid. However, you can still use basic retouching effects such as skin whitening, skin smoothing, image sharpening, and rosy cheeks and filters. Basic retouching is valid for one year from the date of request.
  • Make sure that the preceding information is complete and in the valid format. If you need to change the package name, signature, or bundle ID, submit a request again.

Purchase Queen SDK

When you purchase Queen SDK, you are charged based on the SDK edition that you select.

Request a license

After you request a free trial license for Pro Edition, if your request is approved, a free trial of two months is provided. If you purchase Pro Edition later, the validity period is extended by two months from the date of request.

After you purchase Queen SDK, send your order ID, application name, bundle ID, Alibaba Cloud account ID, package name, and signature to After your email is received, Alibaba Cloud handles your request within two business days. If you have urgent needs, contact after-sales personnel.

  • A purchased subscription of Pro Edition provides one free shadow application, a purchased subscription of Ultimate Edition provides three free shadow applications, and a purchased subscription of Full Edition provides five free shadow applications.
  • A purchased subscription of Pro Edition supports only one application. A purchased subscription of Ultimate Edition supports two applications.
  • To obtain the order ID, log on to the ApsaraVideo Live console, and choose Expenses > Orders.

Feature comparison among different Queen SDK editions

Feature Effect Pro Edition Ultimate Edition Auto chroma key Gesture recognition AR writing Full Edition
Face retouching Auto face retouching × × ×
Skin whitening × × ×
Skin smoothing × × ×
Image sharpening × × ×
Saturation × × ×
Contrast × × ×
Blemish concealing × × ×
Eye bags removal × × ×
Nasolabial folds removal × × ×
Wrinkles removal × × ×
Skin brightening × × ×
Cervical stripe removal × × ×
Forehead wrinkles removal × × ×
Lipstick × × ×
Blush × × ×
Teeth whitening × × ×
Eye brightening × × ×
Rosy cheeks × × ×
Face shaping Auto face shaping × × ×
Face slimming × × ×
Face trimming × × ×
Lower jaw slimming × × ×
Cheekbone narrowing × × ×
Eye enlarging × × ×
Eye height adjustment × × ×
Smiling × × ×
Face length adjustment × × ×
Chin width adjustment × × ×
Chin length adjustment × × ×
Lip shaping × × ×
Lip thickness adjustment × × ×
Nose wing adjustment × × ×
Nose slimming × × ×
Canthus shaping × × ×
Eye distance adjustment × × ×
Philtrum adjustment × × ×
Hairline adjustment × × ×
Makeup Auto makeup × × × ×
Lipstick × × × ×
Eyeshadow × × × ×
Blush × × × ×
Eye makeup × × × ×
Highlight × × × ×
Aegyo sal × × × ×
Eyebrow × × × ×
Face play Pixelation × × ×
Facemasks × × ×
Filters Filters √ 5 √ All × × ×
Stickers Static and animated stickers √ 10 √ All × × ×
Body shaping Body slimming × × × ×
Head narrowing × × × ×
Leg slimming × × × ×
Leg lengthening × × × ×
Breast enlarging × × × ×
Neck adjustment × × × ×
Arm adjustment × × × ×
Waist slimming × × × ×
Hair color change Hair color change × × × ×
Green- and blue-screen chroma key Green- and blue-screen chroma key × × × ×
Background replacement Background replacement × × × ×
Gesture recognition Gesture recognition × × × ×
Movement detection Movement detection × × × ×
AR writing AR writing × × × ×


If you have questions or suggestions regarding Queen SDK, contact technical engineers in the DingTalk support group. Join the DingTalk support group by searching for group ID 34197869 or scanning the following QR code.

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