This topic describes how to configure HTTP request headers.

Overview of HTTP request headers

HTTP headers are components of the header section of request and response messages that are transmitted over HTTP. HTTP headers define the resources that are being requested and the behavior of clients or servers.

To configure an HTTP request header, log on to the ApsaraVideo Live console and go to the Domains page. On the page, find the streaming domain that you want to configure, click Domain Settings in the Actions column, and then choose Stream Management > HTTP Header Settings. For more information, see Configure HTTP headers.

Note To perform cross-origin streaming, find Access-Control-Allow-Origin, click Change in the Actions column, and then set the Value parameter to an asterisk (*) or the full domain name that you want to access, such as You can set the Value parameter only to an asterisk (*) or a single domain name. If you want to implement cross-origin access for multiple domain names, set the Value parameter to an asterisk (*).