You can use the ApsaraVideo Live console to manage domain names, live steams, logs, and DRM. You can also use the console to monitor data, view statistics on visits and usage, configure and use production studios, and use tools and the live monitoring system. This topic describes the Overview page of the console and features that are provided in the console.

Overview of the ApsaraVideo Live console

  1. Log on to the ApsaraVideo Live console.
  2. View the Overview page.
    Overview-International site (
    Section name Description
    Bandwidth Usage You can view the total traffic and the peak bandwidth used for ApsaraVideo Live of the previous day, 7 days, or 30 days. You can also view the trend charts of your ingested streams, transcoding durations, and recording durations of the previous day, 7 days, or 30 days.


The following table describes the features that are provided in the left-side navigation pane of the ApsaraVideo Live console.

Feature Description
Domains Allows you to configure and manage domain names, and monitor resources that the domain names use.
Stream Management Allows you to manage live streams, recordings, and snapshots.
Tools Provides a URL generator for you to generate ingest URLs that are used for third-party software such as Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to ingest streams. Provides an IP address check tool for you to check whether an IP address belongs to an Alibaba Cloud CDN node and query the region and Internet service provider (ISP) to which the IP address belongs.
Production Studios Allows you to configure, use, and manage production studios.
Monitoring Provides resource monitoring and real-time monitoring for domain names.
Statistics-Visits Collects statistics on the number of unique visitors, distribution of users, and domain name ranking.
Statistics-Usage Collects statistics on resource usage, such as the streaming bandwidth and traffic, the number of ingested streams, and transcoding durations.
Log Management Allows you to download logs and deliver real-time logs.
DRM Management Allows you to use DRM encryption. You can upload certificates, configure keys, configure transcoding templates, and configure the player.
Live Monitoring Provides real-time monitoring for various types of live streaming projects.