This topic describes the requirements for the runtime environment of the AliLive SDK demo for iOS. This topic also describes how to compile the demo.

Environment requirements

Item Requirement
Xcode version Xcode 11.7 and later
CPU architecture ARM64, ARMv7, or ARMv7s
Operating system iOS 9.0 and later

Compile the demo

  1. Log on to the iOS device, go to the Podfile directory, and then import the AliLive SDK demo for iOS.
    pod install
  2. Double-click the AliLiveSdk-Demo.xcworkspace file to open the demo project.
  3. Configure the debugging environment.

    If no matching provisioning profile is found in the environment, the system returns an error. To resolve the error, add the matching provisioning profile or log on by using your Apple developer account.

  4. Press Command+R to run the demo.
    Note The demo can be run only on a physical device. You cannot run the demo on a virtual machine.