ApsaraVideo Live ingests streams in the upstream and streams live videos in the downstream. An ingest domain is used to upload a live stream from a client to the nearest Alibaba Cloud CDN node. A streaming domain is used to deliver a live stream to a client from the nearest CDN node. This topic describes how to add a domain name for CDN to ApsaraVideo Live.


  • You must obtain an Internet content provider (ICP) filing for your domain name before you can use ApsaraVideo Live to stream live videos in mainland China.
  • If you have not obtained an ICP filing for your domain name, obtain an ICP filing first.

Background information

ApsaraVideo Live accelerates uploading and delivery of live streams. You do not need to activate Alibaba Cloud CDN to accelerate live streaming.

You must add an ingest domain and a streaming domain to ApsaraVideo Live.


  1. Log on to the ApsaraVideo Live console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Domains to go to the Domain Management page.
  3. Click Add Domain.
    Add a domain name
  4. Set the Domain Name, Live Center, Domain Type, and Edge Group parameters.
    Configure the domain name
    Parameter Option Description
    Domain Name N/A
    Enter the domain name that you want to accelerate. Take note of the following rules:
    • You can use a subdomain name as the domain name for CDN, such as demo.aliyundoc.com.
    • ApsaraVideo Live does not support wildcard domain names, such as *.aliyundoc.com.
    • You cannot add duplicate domain names to ApsaraVideo Live. If the error message The specified domain already exists is displayed, check whether the domain name is added to other cloud services such as ApsaraVideo VOD, Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN), Secure CDN (SCDN), or Video Surveillance System. You can also submit a ticket.
    • After you activate ApsaraVideo Live, you can add a maximum of 20 domain names to ApsaraVideo Live for each Alibaba Cloud account. If the average daily peak bandwidth of your domain names exceeds 50 Mbit/s, you can submit a ticket to increase the quota of domain names. Make sure that the quota increase does not incur business risks.
    • Content that is served from the domain name must comply with the limits of ApsaraVideo Live. For more information, see Verify a domain name.
    Note The specified subdomain names must belong to the same Alibaba Cloud account. When you add a domain name, ApsaraVideo Live verifies the ownership of the domain name. If the specified subdomain names belong to different accounts, an error message appears. To request technical support from Alibaba Cloud, submit a ticket.
    Live Center N/A

    A live center provides media processing services for live streams in the cloud, such as snapshot capture, recording, transcoding, and production studio.

    The live center of an ingest domain must be located in the same region as that of the bound streaming domain.

    Domain Type
    • Streaming Domain
    • Ingest Domain
    The type of the domain name. You can add a domain name as an ingest domain or a streaming domain. This parameter cannot be modified once set.
    • To add an ingest domain, set the Domain Type parameter to Ingest Domain. To add a streaming domain, set the Domain Type parameter to Streaming Domain.
    • The ingest domain and streaming domain must be different.
    Edge Group Mainland China If you select Mainland China, you must apply for an ICP filing for the domain name. For more information, see Limits.
    Global If you select Global, you must apply for an ICP filing for the domain name. For more information, see Limits.
    Outside Mainland China If you select Outside Mainland China and the live center is located in a region outside China, you do not need to obtain an ICP filing.
  5. Click Submit.

If you add a specific domain name to ApsaraVideo Live for the first time, you must verify the ownership of the domain name. For more information, see Verify the ownership of a domain name.

Related operations

  • After you add an ingest domain and a streaming domain to ApsaraVideo Live, you must configure canonical name (CNAME) records for the domain names. For more information, see Configure a CNAME record.