ApsaraVideo VOD provides SDKs for multiple mainstream programming languages. You can use server SDKs to write code and call ApsaraVideo VOD operations.


  • The SDKs encapsulate the API request and response classes to spare you from the complex calculation of an API signature. For more information, see Signature.
  • The SDKs support all ApsaraVideo VOD operations and provide relevant sample code. For more information, see List of operations by function.
  • ApsaraVideo VOD supports SDKs for Java, Python, PHP, .NET, Node.js, C/C++, and Go.
Note If new operations are published, Alibaba Cloud updates the SDKs in a timely manner. If the sample code for a new operation is unavailable, you can call the operation based on the sample code of existing operations.


  • Service activation
  • Account preparation

    An AccessKey pair is created to access ApsaraVideo VOD. You can access ApsaraVideo VOD by using an Alibaba Cloud account, a Resource Access Management (RAM) user, or a Security Token Service (STS) token. For more information, see Accounts and authorization.

    • By using an Alibaba Cloud account: You can create the AccessKey pair of your Alibaba Cloud account in the User Management console.
      Notice An Alibaba Cloud account has the most permissions. If the AccessKey pair is leaked, damages may occur. We recommend that you do not use an Alibaba Cloud account.
    • By using a RAM user: You must create a RAM user in the RAM console and grant the user the permissions on ApsaraVideo VOD, such as AliyunVODFullAccess. For more information, see Create and grant permissions to a RAM user.
      Note To ensure account security, we recommend that you use a RAM user to access ApsaraVideo VOD.
    • By using an STS token: You can access ApsaraVideo VOD by using an STS token. For more information, see Create a role and grant temporary access permissions to the role by using STS.

Development environments

Server SDKs support multiple platforms and runtime environments such as Linux, Windows, and macOS. We recommend that you install the compiler or interpreter of the relevant programming language and set up the environment in advance. For more information about version requirements, see the "Installation" topic of the SDK for each programming language.

Note Windows will be supported by SDK for C/C++ in the future.

SDK installation


You can access ApsaraVideo VOD in many regions around the world. For more information, see Region IDs of ApsaraVideo VOD. You can use a region in the API region column of the table to initialize a client. The API region ID column of the table indicates the value of RegionId for the required API operation or SDK. For example, enter cn-shanghai for the China (Shanghai) region and ap-southeast-1 for the Singapore (Singapore) region.
Notice An access region is different from a storage region. The former indicates the region where you can call ApsaraVideo VOD operations. The latter indicates a region where you can store media files in Object Storage Service (OSS). For example, you can enter cn-shanghai as an access region and cn-beijing as a storage region.


By default, ApsaraVideo VOD limits the resource usage and the number of API calls. For more information, see Limits on usage. To increase the limits, you can contact after-sales technical support or submit a ticket to contact us. In the meantime, you must describe your scenarios and expected thresholds, such as the number of domain names and the frequency of playback operation calls.

SDK calls

SDKs for different programming languages provide complete API call examples. For more information, see the related modules, such as media upload and video playback, for the SDK for each programming language.


If you have any questions while you use the SDKs, you can seek help from Yunqi Community.