This topic describes the release notes of different versions of ApsaraVideo Player SDK for Windows.


Release date Version Description Download link
2021-08-30 V5.4.2
  • The FFmpeg version is updated to 4.3.1.
  • Callbacks that use UTC time are supported for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).
  • The feature of clearing video frames is supported.
  • The stability of the player is improved.
ApsaraVideo Player SDK V5.4.2 for Windows


Release date Version Description Download link
2021-06-10 V5.4.1
  • A callback for statistics during audio and video playback is added.
  • The compatibility with Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) is optimized.
  • Multi-bitrate switching of live streams is optimized.
  • The reporting of media information is optimized.
  • The playback of ARTC videos is supported.
ApsaraVideo Player SDK V5.4.1 for Windows


Release date Version Description Download link
2021-03-08 V5.3.1
  • The feature of reporting tracking information is supported.
  • The code for audio rendering is refactored.
  • The Low-latency HTTP Live Streaming (LHLS) format is supported.
  • The download-related issues are fixed.
  • The response speed of the stop operation is improved.
  • The precision of the playback progress is optimized.
ApsaraVideo Player SDK V5.3.1 for Windows


Release date Version Description Download link
2020-11-18 V5.2.2
  • The issue is fixed where the main thread stops but the progress does not terminate after you exit the player progress on Windows 7.
  • The issue is fixed where the screen blackens when you switch windows or change the size of the player window on Windows 7.
ApsaraVideo Player SDK V5.2.2 for Windows


Release date Version Description Download link
2020-10-10 V5.2.1
  • The issue is fixed where a video that is being played does not appear in the window to which you switched by calling the setView method.
  • The issue is fixed where the size of the video image cannot automatically adapt to the player size when a video is paused.
  • The issue is fixed where the player unexpectedly quits when you prepare a new player after you destroy the original player.
  • The issue is fixed where the snapshot of only the paused view image appears in a paused video even after you seek to another position.
  • The issue is fixed where the progress bar does not appear when the audio device fails to be started.
  • Static methods that are used to destroy the downloader and player are added.
ApsaraVideo Player SDK V5.2.1 for Windows


Release date Version Description Download link
2020-07-17 V5.2.0 ApsaraVideo Player SDK for Windows is released for the first time with the following features:
  • Multiple playback modes, including URL-based playback, video ID (VID)-based playback, and the playback of on-premises videos
  • Playback control features, including start, pause, resume, stop, imprecise seeking, and precise seeking
  • Basic player features, including multi-bitrate switching, autoplay, loop playback, mute mode and volume control (0 to 200%), playback speed control, play-and-cache, preview, snapshot capture, video image rotation, padding, and mirroring
  • Download features, including secure download and regular download
  • Player settings, including the referer, user agent, network timeout period and retry times, buffer and delay, and HTTP headers
ApsaraVideo Player SDK V5.2.0 for Windows