This topic describes the LiveRecordVideoComposeStart event as well as its notification content and sample callbacks.

Event type


Event description

If automatic production is enabled when live streams are being recorded as on-demand videos, ApsaraVideo VOD automatically processes the recorded on-demand videos whenever the live streams end or time out. In this case, the LiveRecordVideoComposeStart events are generated. The event notifications include the IDs of the produced videos.

  • By default, a live stream is considered to have ended when it has been interrupted for more than 3 minutes.
  • The LiveRecordVideoComposeStart event only indicates that live streams have begun to be recorded as on-demand videos. This event does not include the production status. You must record the ID of the produced video to follow up the production status.

Event notification content

Parameter Type Required Description
EventTime String Yes The time when the event is generated. The time is displayed in the yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ format and in UTC.
EventType String Yes The event type. The value is LiveRecordVideoComposeStart.
VideoId String Yes The ID of the produced video.
Status String Yes Indicates whether the live stream has begun to be recorded as an on-demand video. Valid values:
  • success: Recording has started for the live stream.
  • fail: Recording failed to start for the live stream.
StreamName String No The name of the live stream.
DomainName String No The domain name of the live stream.
AppName String No The name of the application.

Sample callbacks


  • For an HTTP callback, the following example is the body of the HTTP POST request.
  • For an MNS callback, the following example is the message body.
  "EventTime": "2017-12-08T09:26:17Z",
  "EventType": "LiveRecordVideoComposeStart", 
  "VideoId": "43q9fsjnehdf****", 
  "Status": "success",
  "StreamName": "streamname_****",
  "DomainName": "domainname_****",
  "AppName": "appname_****"