This topic provides answers to some frequently asked questions on the use, free trial, and purchase of the short video SDK, and license issues.

How do I apply for a free trial of the short video SDK?

To apply for a free trial, send your company name, your application name, the SDK edition that you need, the contact name, the contact number, the application bundle ID, the package name, and the MD5-based signature to, or contact your business manager. ApsaraVideo VOD provides a one-month free trial by default. To extend the free trial period, you can apply for a new free trial.

How do I purchase the short video SDK Professional Edition?

Send an email to apply for trial use and wait until a business manager contacts you. Detailed information about features, see Short video SDK.

What can I do if the "License Failed" error is returned?

  1. Make sure that you have purchased an ApsaraVideo VOD package or sent an email to apply for trial use.
  2. If you use the iOS system, make sure that the bundle ID you specified in the email is the same as that of your application.
  3. If you use the Android system, make sure that the package name and the MD5-based signature match with each other. You can download and install a signature tool to generate signatures. For more information, see the description in the tool.