This topic provides answers to some frequently asked questions about the billing of ApsaraVideo VOD.

Can I use the resource plans in the ApsaraVideo VOD package that I purchased to offset bills for Alibaba Cloud CDN and OSS?

No. ApsaraVideo VOD is an independent service. When you use ApsaraVideo VOD, you are charged for storage, transcoding, traffic, or bandwidth resources consumed. An ApsaraVideo VOD package contains resource plans such as data transfer plans, storage plans, and transcoding plans. You can use the resource plans to pay only for the resources that are consumed in ApsaraVideo VOD.

What do I do if I cannot renew the ApsaraVideo VOD package that I purchased before March 2017?

If you purchased an ApsaraVideo VOD package of an earlier version before March 2017, the package contains the following items: a CDN data transfer plan, an OSS storage plan, an OSS request plan, and an ApsaraVideo for Media Processing voucher. After the VOD package expires, you can separately purchase the CDN data transfer plan and OSS resource plan.
Note The ApsaraVideo VOD console of the earlier version is integrated into the ApsaraVideo for Media Processing console. You can retrieve your ApsaraVideo VOD data from the ApsaraVideo for Media Processing console.

In March 2017, a new version of ApsaraVideo VOD that includes major updates to features and usage was released. This was also the time when ApsaraVideo VOD became an independent service. Subscription plans for the new version of ApsaraVideo VOD were launched in May 2017.

What is OSS outbound traffic?

If you do not configure an accelerated domain name, OSS outbound traffic refers to the traffic that is generated by directly downloading or playing videos from the OSS address where the videos are stored.

If you configure an accelerated domain name but still use the OSS address to access your media assets, OSS outbound traffic is still generated.

OSS outbound traffic is accumulated and charged based on OSS billing standards.

Note You cannot offset OSS outbound traffic fees by using ApsaraVideo VOD data transfer plans. To avoid these fees, configure an accelerated domain name. For more information, see Add a domain name for CDN.

Why am I still charged on a pay-as-you-go basis even if I already have a resource plan?

You may still be charged on a pay-as-you-go basis if one of the following conditions is present:
  • A resource plan takes some time to take effect. You are still charged on a pay-as-you-go basis until the plan takes effect.
  • The resource plan that you purchased is not applicable to the resources that you consumed. For example, you cannot use a transcoding plan to offset storage fees.
  • OSS traffic generated when you have not configured an accelerated domain name is not covered by the data transfer plan.