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ApsaraVideo VOD:Delete media files

Last Updated:May 19, 2022

ApsaraVideo VOD may generate multiple types of media files. ApsaraVideo VOD allows you to delete media files at different granularities. You can delete media files in the console, by calling API operations, or by using SDKs. This topic describes how to delete media files.


  • Delete all audio or video files, including uploaded mezzanine files, transcoded stream files, thumbnail snapshots, and image sprites.

  • Delete audio or video streams. Those are transcoded stream files in a specified definition.

  • Delete audio or video mezzanine files that are uploaded.

  • Delete uploaded image files. After the image files are deleted, image URLs that use audio and video thumbnails, snapshots, and watermarks cannot be accessed.

  • When you delete files from OSS, the files are deleted but the media asset information is retained. When you delete files stored in ApsaraVideo VOD, both files and the media asset information are deleted.

  • All delete operations cannot be recovered. We recommend that you use caution when you use delete operations.

  • By default, audio or video mezzanine files that are uploaded without transcoding cannot be deleted. This is because they are also used as stream files for original-quality playback. If you want to delete these files, set Force to true when you call the delete operation.

  • All delete operations are manually performed by users.

Delete media files in the console

Log on to the ApsaraVideo VOD console, In the left-side navigation pane, choose Media Files , click Audio/Video, Image or Short Video Material, On the Audio/Video, Image or Short Video Material page, find the media file that you want to delete, and choose More > Delete in the Actions column. For more information, see Manage media assets.

Delete media files by calling API operations or by using SDKs

You can use the APIs or SDKs to delete all audio or video files, audio or video streams, audio or video mezzanine files, and image files.

The following table lists APIs that are used to delete media files.




All audio or video files

Deletes all video files, including their mezzanine files, transcoded stream files, and thumbnail snapshots. You can delete multiple video files at a time.


Audio or video streams

Deletes media streams such as video or audio streams and their storage files. You can delete multiple media streams at a time.


Mezzanine files

Deletes mezzanine files and their storage files.


Image files

Deletes uploaded images and automatic snapshots of videos.


Call methods:

  • We recommend that you use a server SDK to obtain media asset information by calling the API operations. This method is simpler and more efficient. For more information, see Usage notes. For more information about API operations, see the "SDK example" section of API references.

  • For more information about how to generate HTTP or HTTPS requests, see Request syntax.