ApsaraVideo VOD uses advanced technologies such as Alibaba Cloud CDN to provide users with secure, fast, flexible, and cost-effective video services.

Global high-speed CDN

Alibaba Cloud CDN hosts more than 2,800 nodes worldwide, covering more than 70 countries or regions. It supports a total bandwidth capacity of 150 TB and is applicable to more than 10 providers. ApsaraVideo VOD provides cost-effective, high-speed network connections for enterprises in and outside China based on Global Realtime Transport Network (GRTN) of Alibaba Cloud.

Professional media processing

ApsaraVideo VOD offers a high-speed, parallel video transcoding system that can transcode 4K videos, and implements seamless scale-out of transcoding tasks. It also provides multiple processing features, such as video snapshot, video tagging, and video watermarking. ApsaraVideo VOD can be used in multiple scenarios, such as TV broadcasting, video websites, and short video services.

Comprehensive encryption methods

ApsaraVideo VOD ensures security at multiple levels by providing protection methods such as access control, playback authentication, video encryption, and secure download. This prevents losses caused by hotlinking and illegal downloads, and ensures the security of video content. Supported encryption methods include Alibaba Cloud proprietary cryptography, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Encryption, and digital rights management (DRM) encryption.

Original Narrowband HD™

ApsaraVideo VOD adopts a self-developed S265 encoder and Narrowband HD™ 2.0 technology to achieve high-quality images at low bitrates and adaptive bitrate streaming. ApsaraVideo VOD ensures excellent user experience, reduces costs, and improves efficiency.

Whole-process media service

ApsaraVideo VOD provides one-stop media services that cover video upload, media asset management, media processing, intelligent production, and fast delivery. In addition, it provides users with a scalable platform architecture.

Flexible integration at low cost

ApsaraVideo VOD provides an easy-to-use console and various SDKs and API operations to facilitate flexible development. You can choose from among the flexible billing methods and reasonable rates based on your business requirements.

Precise data analysis

ApsaraVideo VOD helps you achieve data-driven development, operation, and decision-making by offering data analysis from video production to playback. It provides multi-level statistics on resource usage and playback behavior data that are useful and applicable to operation scenarios.

Automated review for video content

ApsaraVideo VOD uses high-performance video AI to moderate videos for high-risk content, such as pornography and terrorism. We recommend that you perform a manual review to verify the detected high-risk content to ensure security and efficiency.