December 2018

Release date Description References
  • New ApsaraVideo VOD resource plans are launched. Multiple types of resources are offered on the same page and can be separately purchased. The discount rules of transcoding plans cover videos of all resolutions not higher than 1080p.
  • The feature of setting a bandwidth threshold for domain names is supported.
  • Transcoding templates can be configured to transcode videos to the FLV format or convert the container format for short videos.
  • Short Video SDK V3.7.7 is released. In this version, a higher video resolution and a smaller file size are provided than earlier versions. This way, user experience is improved, whereas storage costs are reduced.
  • The short video solution is released. This solution covers the entire lifecycle of short videos, including video production, media asset management, video delivery, and video consumption. In addition, the product-level user interface (UI) interaction is supported to help you create a short video application.

November 2018

Release date Description References
2018-11 New features, such as transition effects, subtitle animation, and multi-clip speed control, are supported for the short video SDK. SDK download

October 2018

Release date Description References
  • Audio files and images can be uploaded and managed in the ApsaraVideo VOD console. You can also transcode audio files in the ApsaraVideo VOD console.
  • The transcoding configuration is optimized to support new transcoding parameters. The parameters include audio transcoding, video encoding format such as H.265, group of pictures (GOP) size, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) encryption, and conditional transcoding parameters.
  • The UploadByURLComplete, ProduceMediaComplete, and LiveRecordVideoComposeStart callbacks are supported.

September 2018

Release date Description References
  • The data monitoring service is optimized to display real-time monitoring data of the acceleration service.
  • Authentication is supported for event notifications. This way, the server can verify the signatures of requests when the server receives callback messages. This prevents illegal or invalid requests.
HTTP callback authentication

August 2018

Release date Description References
  • Object Storage Service (OSS) buckets from multiple regions can be used to store VOD resources.
  • The resource usage service is optimized. The service allows you to query resource consumption data by domain name and export the queried data.
  • The log management service is released. The service allows you to query and download access logs by domain name and time.