ApsaraVideo Media Processing (MPS, formerly abbreviated as MTS) is a media processing service provided by Alibaba Cloud. This service is cost-efficient, elastic, and highly scalable. It can be used to transcode media files such as audio and video files to adapt to all platforms.


  • Built on top of the cloud computing services of Alibaba Cloud, MPS inherits the auto-scaling feature and allows you to meet varied transcoding requirements and minimize resource wastes at the same time. By using MPS, you can save the high costs of purchasing, building, and managing software and hardware for transcoding, and avoid complex operations, such as optimizing configurations and setting transcoding parameters.
  • MPS provides a console, various API operations, and SDKs for you to manage the transcoding process and use the transcoding feature. You can also integrate the feature with your own application or service.


MPS is a cost-effective service. It offers powerful transcoding capabilities, professional transcoding algorithms, highly customizable transcoding templates, rich features, and easy-to-use media workflows. For more information, see Benefits.


MPS offers rich features, including transcoding, watermarking, snapshots, Narrowband HDTM (both Narrowband HDTM 1.0), video enhancement, high-speed transcoding, and video AI. For more information, see Features.


MPS offers cost-efficient, elastic, and highly scalable transcoding solutions to convert media files for all platforms. Transcoded media files can adapt to different network bandwidths, terminal processing capabilities, and user needs.

How to use MPS

You can use and manage the media processing service in the MPS console or by using API operations and SDKs.


The billable items of MPS include the fees for transcoding media assets and the number of API requests. Each item is billed separately in pay-as-you-go mode. For more information, see ApsaraVideo Media Processing Pricing.