The QueryWaterMarkTemplateList API queries details about watermark templates by watermark template ID.

Request parameters

Parameters Type Required or not Description
Action String Yes API of the action, system required parameter. Value: QueryWaterMarkTemplateList
WaterMarkTemplateIds String Yes List of watermark template IDs separated by commas (,).

Up to 10 template IDs can be entered.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
WaterMarkTemplateList AliyunWaterMarkTemplate[ ] List of watermark templates.
NonExistWids String[ ] List of non-existing watermark templates. If no data exists, this structure is not returned.


Request example<Public parameter>

Response example

    <WaterMarkTemplateList list="true">
     "RequestId": "25818875-5F78-4A13-BEF6-D7393642CA58",
        "TotalCount": 1,
        "PageNumber": 1,
        "PageSize": 10,
        "WaterMarkTemplateList": {
            "WaterMarkTemplate": [{
                "Id": "88c6ca184c0e47098a5b665e2a126797",
                "Name": "example-watermark",
                "Width": "10",
                "Height": "30",
                "Dx": "10",
                "Dy": "5",
                "ReferPos": "TopRight",
                "Type": "Image",
                "State": "Normal"